Triton X Spearfishing Tournament Series Register Now!!

Triton X Spearfishing Tournament Series Register Now!!

This year Triton X in association with Rob Allen, Esclapez Diving, and Yazbeck has launched two tournaments with thousands in prizes. Entry fees increase the longer you wait so register now before the price goes up.

2013 Tristate/TRITON X Species Meet July 27th Narragansett, RI
This Tournament is being done in collaboration with the Tristate Dive Club in preparation for the USSpearfishing Nationals. The Tournament will be a species format and take place in RI waters the day of July 27th. The exact rules, directions to compete, and official species that can be weighed in can be found with the tournament paperwork and waiver forms on the link below. Divers must have paid the entrance fee and Tristate must have received your waiver form no later than July 25th in order for you to weigh in fish.
Registration details for Rhode Island Tristate meet:

2013 Triton X Open, September 14th Caspar , California
Limited to 150 competitors
Early Registration (by August 5, 2013): $45
Registration (by September 5, 2013): $60
Same Day and Late Registration: $85
*Cost includes Lunch, Shirt, and possible prize. Please be sure to select shirt size at check out.
Registration Website Triton X Open California:

Please call the Triton X crew at 916-371-3441 for any question or concerns.

Monterey Bay Tritons

The RMSA wants to recognize The Monterey Bay Triton’s a freedive spearfishing club located in, Monterey Bay, California. If your headed that way make sure to look them up. For more information please check out their website by clicking on their logo here:

Great dive to finish the year…

Great dive to finish the year.
Starvation was 63 degrees, we lucked out with the weather as it was mostly warm with just a hint on wind, cloud cover and sprinkles.
We were in the water by 11am and dove for 5 hours trying different spots. I had 2 students from my scuba class that burned 2 tanks each while Kelston and I dove our brains out looking for walleye.
4:00pm rolled around and all we had to show was 8 giant carp. They were a tons of fun to shoot but we came for meat to bring home. I had exhausted all of Cory’s hot spots so as the day wound down I decided we need to try one more quick stop–just one more–
At 4 pm I took one last final dive to find a mud bottom again, not what I was looking for. This spot had 2 fishing boats sitting on it all day so I wanted to at least dive it before we pulled the boat.
And sure enough as I lay there disappointed with the terrane a 4 lb walleye circles around me–click –he mine. Kelston jumps out of the boat and starts to work the shallows and I work just out side of him and in less then 40minutes we have 10 walleye up to 8 lbs.
The fish appear to have been waiting in deep water for the sun to set and at 4 pm the sun was just low enough for the walleye to move into shallow water to hunt. They were thick in places and very curious. Schools of 3-6 came in at a time and Kelston found the biggest fish in 3 ft of water.
This was the best beginners opportunity for Walleye I have every seen. My new divers all got fish and crayfish and Kelston got his first limit of walleye Starvation style. We pull the boat out a 7pm just as the last rays of sun set.
It was a 19 hour day by the time we got home – but well worth every minute. We made memories to last a life time and were sorry you all went there to join us.
Maybe next year!!
If you don’t go — you don’t know.

Seeing The Future

Check out this great write up called “Seeing The Future” about The 2012 Freshwater Nationals at Lake Powell

Also check out some pictures of the weigh in here…
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Results from the 2012 Freshwater Nationals at Lake Powell. Thanks for everyone who participated and our sponsors!
#1 – Road Dawgz (Mike B & Dennis H)
#2 – Hawaii Salvimar #1 (Hanalei A and Calvin L)
#3 – Mudsuckers (Paul Y & Lucas S)