Announcing the 2016 USA National Spearfishing Championships
This year the midwest council will be hosting 3 great events in one great location.
Beaver Lake Arkansas, June 21 -24 2016
June 21 there will be a large striper hunt for all registered competitors, cash prizes and more.
June 23 is the USOA Nationals, 3 man teams, mixed doubles, woman awards, This will help pick the teams for the next world meet by CMAS and the first US, Fresh Water World meet in Lake Mead, Las Vegas, May of 2017
June 24th is the First Annual International Fresh Water Meet, the whole lake opens up to the whole world to come as 2 person teams to compete.
All the info is in there web site below, so find a team and come for some great diving and fun fishing in FRESH WATER.



Pictures from Flaming Gorge Meet – August 2015


Aug 22 Flaming Gorge 2015
We had about 16 divers
Water was cool 66 degrees,  vis 5-15
Carp were slim but the bass were great and a salmon and trout were shot too.
Our first novice took the over all meet beating the top pro by .76 lbs
Next year we hope to see a meet in Az or Nv  and one in Deer Creek.

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Walleye x6

After Starvation we cleaned a lot of walleye and some bass.
I love fish best fresh so we decided to cook it 6 fun different ways.
and a week later now we are still enjoying the last of it.
Not in any order:
1 BBQ, use nice steaks and sprinkle with Hawaiian sea salt and paprika , add olvie oil let sit for an hour in the refer and BBQ so it just flakes. Great on most fish.

2 ceviche. perfect for all those small pieces or small flits chop equal amounts of vegetables and fish. soak fish in fresh lime juice then add the vegetables equal amounts of tomato, red onion, and cucumber , mix in a jar of cocktail sauce t
3 Sushi take best top sections of larger fish with out bones, slick thin and serve with Soy and wasabi or soy with 4 drops of doterra lime juice.

4 Baked Hawaiian style, full filet with ginger and oyster fish sauce, 1 “ = 450 degrees for 10 minutes cover with cabbage leaves to keep moist.

5 Fried, to spice up your best badder add a little lemon pepper and Hawaiian sea salt. For a great easy dipping sauce they 1/2 ketchup, 1/2 organic Mayo, and add 2-5 drops of doterra Lemon oil to flavor.

6 Poached. I used all the rib cage areas with the bones in, so as not to waste any fish. Boil 1” of water in lg flat pan, stick in fish for 5-8 minutes covered, until cooked and drain off water, ad butter, lemon pepper … to taste.

We did all 6 in the week after our starvation meet and ate like kings
Eat that fish fresh, its so much better

Recap – 2014 Fresh Water Nationals – Pierre South Dakota

Recap – 2014 Fresh Water Nationals – Pierre South Dakota
Fort Pierre South Dakota was the most significant fur trade/military fort on
the western American frontier. SD is also know for mount Rushmore, the
Sioux Indian Nation, and large herds of free roaming buffalo,that can
weight over 2000 pounds. Ever spear a 2000 pound buffalo? Better bring a
big gun.
South Dakota has the Missouri river running down through the middle
of the state and with it, lots of dams creating very large lakes.
These water ways are know for there sports fish: Salmon, walleye, trout,
paddle fish, sturgeon, striped bass, large & small mouth bass, catfish,
This area is also known for its large abundance of of rough fish, non
indigenous fish, that devour most of the food source of the lake. Buffalo,
carp, drum and suckers to name a few.
For this Nationals teams came in from around the Nation: Hi, Ca, Co, Mo,
Wy, Ut, Kn,…. Most scouted for 2-4 days but the Hawaiian’s really stepped
it up again and with a few extra days of scouting taught even the locals
some lessons. 15 teams with 2 divers per team, dove for 2 long days to
claim this championship. But after the first day it appear the meet was over.
The Hawaiian team of Calvin and Hana had shot so many fish, and many
were big Buffalo, that they had to bring them to the weight in table with a
tractors bucket. Many great scores were registered this first day, but
shooting a hundred pounds in fish was not going win this meet. Day #2 was
much more even and Team Fishlips with Mike and Don from Mo got a
much needed jump on Team Hawaii. But in the end it was all Hawaii as
they held on to win 1030 points to 850 points. Top individual was Calvin
with 604 points and big fish for the meet a 30 pound buffalo, Team fishlips
from Missouri, Don and Mike got second place team. Team Imersion Mike
and Kelston McGuire of Colorado took 3rd and got large game fish 7.4
Catfish, and 4th went to a Father Daughter team, Lucas and Texi Herrick
from Wyoming. They also won the most species award. This was there first
nationals hunting together.
For many of us just getting a chance to dive with our kids and share such
a great sport is well worth the long drive. I invite everyone this next year to
get a friend involved in our sport and help keep it alive. Everyone is
welcome to dive in our fresh water meets all summer long. Each year we
try to pick a new fun unique place to host the next Fresh Water Nationals
Meet. These different parts of our beautiful country give you a chance to
experience new divers, fish and water unlike anywhere else. And the giant
Buffalo Carp of South Dakota are a great example. New divers thrive in
these conditions as they will shoot more fish in a day then they could in a
years worth of diving in most places. So get those new friends and family
involved this next and dive, the fresh.
No Salt, No Surf, No Sharks, come dive for fun in the fresh water.
A big thanks to all our sponsors and Steamboat Skin & Scuba for another
great Nationals.
2015 Fresh Water Nationals are planned for Keyhole Wyoming June 5-6
2016 is planned for Beaver Lake, Arkansa
Watch the RMSA web page for details: www.rockymountainspearfishing.org



FREE entry fee to all RMSA members (Join @ http://rockymountainspearfishing.org/wp/?page_id=18 )
Under 15 competes for FREE
Check in @ 8:30 am at Cabana #??, Near boat ramp
Guns in the water @9:00 am
Guns out of the water @ 2:00 pm
Weigh-ins @ 2:30 (same place we did last Year)

Novice/Jr. Division: Max of 10 Carp and 5 Game Fish, 1 point per fish and 1 point per pound.
Pro Division: Max of 5 Carp (1 point per fish 1 point per pound), and 5 Walleye (5 points per fish and 1 point per pound)
You must decide what division to compete in at registration. (If you have ever won an event or scored more than 150 points in a meet please enter the pro division.)
Prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd in each division as well as Biggest Walleye and biggest Carp
There will also be a small raffle.
***Everyone is responsible for removing their own fish.

Colorado Northern Pike

It was a beautiful fall day in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and I was going spearfishing! We recently moved to Western Colorado from Hawaii, were I was an avid diver, so I jumped at the opportunity to dig out my dive gear and get wet. Our group that day was made up of local kids and some awesome mainland divers. We packed up the trucks and headed up the mountain to a small lake at an elevation of 6,500 feet, where the water is a chilly 54 degrees. We were here to hunt the Northern Pike.
After the shock of frigid water turned our bodies numb, and we swam past all the old-timer fisherman on the bank laughing at us, it was time to find this fresh water barracuda. We had about a 10 to 15 foot visibility in the murky blue-green water, the bottom was silt inches deep, and there was water grass in slimy green clumps. There in between the grass sat a big Northern Pike. Taking a solid breath I drifted down, lined up a shot, and pulled the trigger. There was a cloud of silt and a strong pull at the end of the line. The short swim to the surface included me squealing, “I got one! I got one!” This was my first fresh water fish, and now I was the first female to have speared a Northern Pike. After my first fish the killing was on! It was not long until my friend Shantel shot another Pike and had bested my record with an 11 pound fish. We were on a roll!
A few hours later our group met back up to share our huge catches. The old-timer fishermen who where once mocking us from shore were now standing around us mouths agape, asking us to take pictures with the biggest fish they had ever seen. We went home that night with 10 monstrous Northern Pikes, 3 three new Pike records, and new stories to share. A huge thanks to Mike, Jacob, and Kelston for taking Shantel, Ryan, and I on a new Rocky Mountain Adventure!

Aloha From the Rocky Mountains! Jessica Evans