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DATE: AUGUST 4-7-2020


This event is located in the norther 1/2 of Beaver Lake.

From Points posted 19 and 13, all north of Rambo arm.

Water should be 75-80 degrees F. Visibility 5-15’, depth is 5-45’ for most fish.

All international Teams are invited.

Teams consist of 2 divers in 5 divisions: Mens, Womens’s. Mixed, Masters +50, Scuba

FUN BIG FISH MEET: AUGUST 4; Entry fee & BBQ included.

Hunt- Scout all day and bring back only 1 striper each, from anywhere on Beaver lake.

This is the only time you may carry a loaded gun in the event area.

Weigh in is at the Dam Pavillon, right on the water. 4-4:30 ONLY,  BBQ to follow.

$CASH$ prizes for top 5 biggest fish by weight.

Non divers BBQ fee $10, paid in advance.

And mandatory divers meeting during the BBQ

AUG. 5 Last scouting day. Loaded guns may not be in the event zone. Fish may be shot in the non event areas.

AUG. 6, THURSDAY,   Game fish day, NO Black Bass: small mouth, lg mouth, spotted.

1 striper & wipers, over 20”

2 walleye, +18”

3 drum, 5 catfish, 2 northern pike: no size limits

5 pan fish, Crappie must be 10”

5 White bass

.           https://www.beaverlakene.org/fishofbeaverlake.php

**No carp or other rough fish

8 am Check in, then travel. Dive 830- 230,  back at Dam Pavillon by 3:00

Points: 1 points per pound,  with a max of 25 lbs / points  per fish.

Each divers is required to keep their own fish separate in marked bags or tubs each day.

Fish Fry for divers, Captains and staff during the wt in.

AUG 7, FRIDAY,  Rough fish day: Carp, grass carp. drum, suckers, long nose gars…Unlimited take.

No game fish!!

Points 3 points per fish

8 am Check in, then travel. Dive 8:30- 2:30,  back at Dam Pavilion by 3:00

Banquet at Coronas, buffet 6:30-8 pm,  awards/ raffle  8- 10 pm

Spearfishermen must display a standard diver’s flag and spearfish no more than 100 yards from it. The flag must be at least 12 inches square and at least 12 inches above the water.

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