2005 – Dave Edlund (California)

I was never the most talented diver in any competition but my story is one of “preparation”. If you prepare to win in life, you can win with just average talent and that is my story. In my 40’s, late in life, I took up spearfishing and for most of a decade I was the 10th best tournament spear fisherman in Northern California. I was busy with my demanding day job and did not have enough time to train for the sport of tournament spearfishing. But all that changed in my late 40’s. I had enough money saved up that could take time off. I made it my personal goal to be the best spearfishing diver I could be. I used my smarts and work ethic to make up for my lack of bottom-time. I out scouted my competition for the most part and used every advantage within the rules.

As it turned out, I became a two-time champion in most everything with just average physical talent. I wanted to prove to myself that my success was no fluke.

Two time Northern CA Spearfishing Individual Champion – 2004 and 2005
Two time Northern CA Spearfishing Team Champion – 2004 and 2005
Two time Pacific Coast Spearfishing Team Champion
Two time U.S. National Spearfishing Team Champion – 2005 and 2012

I am proud that I could beat the best spearfishing divers in NORCAL in my prime like Dennis Haussler and Allan Spehar. They had more talent than me, but I could out work them at times and I did in 2004 and 2005. So let that be a lesson for aspiring divers and athletes. You can outsmart and out work your competition. The motto of my family is “Never Unprepared” and while I do fail at that at times, it can be your key to success and has been mine!

I have taken my competitive ways beyond spearfishing where American sports fans know me as “McCovey Cove Dave”. I was the American Sports Fan of the Year (across all sports) for 2016 by FanSided which is owned by Sports Illustrated. You can do everything is life if you dream big enough and work hard enough to make it happen!

Representing the spearfishing community in the Rocky Mountain Region since 2008