2004 – Lance Otsubo (Hawaii)

Growing up in Hawaii, the ocean is a big part of your life. At a young age I started spearfishing with my dad. I remember my first spearfishing trip when I speared small reef fish and octopus and then stepping on a pile of sea urchins and having the spines sticking in my foot. I got more serious about the sport while attending college on the Big Island. Whenever the ocean was good we would be diving. You might say that I was attending the “College of Spearfishing”. I started competitive diving in the late 90’s and this sport became a huge part of my life. I traveled throughout the United States competing in various U.S. Nationals competitions and I was blessed to have won the title in 2004. I also represented the United States in the 2005 Pan American Championships in Peru and the 2006 World Championship in Portugal. I am very fortunate to have made life long friends and memories through the sport of spearfishing.

Representing the spearfishing community in the Rocky Mountain Region since 2008