Born and raised in Redwood City CA, introduced to the ocean at an early age. Trips on grandads salmon boat, tide pools, fishing, hunting, I was an outdoors kid.
My aunt introduced me to diving at age 11 while on her club dive to Monterey. I still remember Putting on someones wetsuit top and my blue jeans, and floating around in the beach wash, mesmerized at the movement and patterns I was experiencing.
I got certified a couple of years later, and spent a decade diving with tank for fun, fish and game, and freediving for abalone on the CA coast.
After spearing fish on tank in my mid 20’s, I was introduced to freediving and competition. My first tournament I got my ass handed to me, to be expected, but decided if these guys could do it, I could.
Competition accomplishments below:
US mens national champion
Represented USA in worlds 2004 Chile, 6 place team finish, top diver on US team.
PCC champion 1999 and ???
IBSRC world cup international champion 1999 and 2000
Created and ran the World Cup Bluewater Invitational for 6 yrs
Currently Director of spearing for USOA
Father to Stella and Willem, who own my heart.
Love to hunt ducks!!!

Representing the spearfishing community in the Rocky Mountain Region since 2008