1953 – Art Pinder (Florida)

In 1955, Sports Illustrated writer Coles Phinizy wrote

“The best spearfishermen in the U.S. are three brothers named Pinder and their cousin Charley. They’re so good that people compare them with creatures of the sea.”

The Pinder brothers, from Miami FL, were on the Sports Illustrated cover, something no other spearfishermen have ever done. They always shot primitive slings, while other spearfishermen used more powerful, triggered spearguns. Art, Don and Fred Pinder were coming off their US Nationals Championship team win in Key West, Florida, where Don also won the 1st place individually. Art had just won the Athlete of the Year Award the year before in California. The Pinder brothers had won every competition they entered for 9 years running, but due to politics with the Nationals directors, this was their last competition together. In 1948 Art stoned an Atlantic Sailfish over 7-foot long and weighing 56 pounds, and newspapers printed the photo all over the country. In 1954 it became one of Skin Diver Magazines most popular covers. The next year Don speared an 804-pound Jewfish which is a Guinness Book World Record for the largest fish of any species. Both these fish are still IUSA World Records.

Portrait of American spearfisherman Art Pinder (1929 – 2014), a grouper in one hand and a fishing spear in the other, as he stands on the gunwale of a boat, Florida, 1978. (Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images)

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