Top Dawg Freshwater

RMSA Top Dawg Freshwater Tournament

Starting Date – May 1st
Ending Date – October 31st

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2018 RMSA Top Dawg Submission – PDF

2018 RMSA Top Dawg Regulations – PDF

2018 RMSA Liability Waiver – PDF

Online Tournament Format and Rules


This is a online style tournament.
Like all our other tournaments, this is a freedive and scuba event. Your choice!
The biggest (longest) fish in each individual category at the end of the tournament wins Top Dawg for that category. At the end of the tournament there will also be a winner dubbed “The Bully”. The Bully will be determined by adding up the total length of each individuals biggest fish in each category. So you will want to enter a fish in as many categories as possible. Just because your big fish didn’t win you the Top dog for the category, doesn’t mean it still won’t help you in participating for being crowned “The Bully”. Participants must purchase a numbered tournament hat, completed the registration and liability form to be entered. The tournament will run from May 1st of till October 31st. All participants must follow all state/ federal rules and regulations where they will be spearfishing. Any violation of state/federal laws, tournament rules or anyone caught cheating will result in automatic disqualification from the tournament and any/all future tournaments. Entries to be submitted, will need to be a photo/video of the fish with your tournament hat visible as well as time stamped with a witness. Examples of this would be your dive watch, cell phone, current days newspaper, anything to legitimately show the day you shot the fish. Photo/video must also include the measurement of the fish. Fish must be laying on a FLAT surface! The measuring tape must be laying flat under the fish and NOT laid over the top. The measurement, from the start of the tape to the end of the tape, must be clearly visible in the photo/video. Any submissions where the measurement can not be undoubtedly seen will be unaccepted. Multiple photos may be required to show clear proof of length measurement, entry hat and time stamp. All measurements shall be made from the fork of the tail to the hook of the jaw. Along with the photo/video submission you must also include, hat number,written measurement, time and date, who was witness to the taking of the fish and what category you are entering in. It’s not up us to decide what category you are submitting your entry to. You may submit as many fish throughout the tournament for every category as you wish. Meaning, if you submitted a fish today and go out tomorrow and shoot a bigger fish, you can “cull out” your smaller fish by submitting your bigger fish. This will play a key role in “The Bully”. There will be 2 divisions in the tournament. Top Dawg and Top Pup. Top Pup division will be for 16 years of age and younger and will not have individual categories. Their division will be awarded by the biggest, overall fish throughout the tournament. Parents, no shooting fish for your kids! They can handle it! Just ask them! If you are making a submission for the Top Pup division the rules are still the same but you must write that it is a Top Pup entry. RMSA can change tournament rules at anytime. You must comply with the rules at all times. If we make changes do to some unforeseen reason, we will up date you on the Official Tournament Facebook page. It is not our responsibility to make sure you see them. Be sure to have the notifications turned on for the page to alert you of any updates. As always, safety is the upmost importance. Remember there is no fish worth your life! Always dive with a buddy and remember 1 up, and 1 down! From all of us at RMSA we would like to wish you all the best of luck!


All submitted fish must be speared with a rubber/pneumatic gun or pole spear.

Tournament waters restricted to all freshwater bodies of water within the United States where state/federal regulations allow it.

All entries must be submitted within 20 days of being taken.

All participants must follow all state/federal laws in the areas they are spearfishing. Any violation or suspected violation, of any of the laws and/or tournament rules, will result in disqualification from the tournament and possible disqualification from all future tournaments.

This tournament works mostly off of honesty.
We try our best to format it to prevent people from cheating. Don’t be that person!
Any participant who gets caught cheating or is suspected of cheating after review from the board at RMSA will be disqualified and will automatically be barred from ever being allowed to participate in future tournaments. Be honest!!!

All submissions must have a witness to the measuring of the fish. Witness must be stated in your entry.

All submissions must include photographic evidence of the length of the fish, your entry hat and it must be time stamped. Written along with your submission there needs to be your hat number, who was witness to the fish being taken, the category you are submitting to, written length of the fish and the date taken. If we cannot clearly see the length of your fish or you leave either your entry hat or time stamp out of the photo/video, your entry will not be accepted.

Example of entry
Top Dawg walleye entry
Hat number 01
Date taken 5/1/2018
Witnessed by John Doe
Length – 28.5”
(Post photo/video CLEARLY showing the start and end of the measuring tape showing the length and your entry hat!)

The method of measurement will be from the hook of the jaw to the fork of the tail. All measurements go to the closest 1/4 of an inch. To take over the leader board you must beat the previous leading fish by 1/4 of an inch! Any ties will revert back to the first entry that was submitted.

Top Pup division is for all kids from 16 years of age and younger.
Top Dawg division is open to everyone from 17 years and up.

RMSA reserves the right to challenge any submission. Proof must be provided from the person submitting the entry if additional information is asked for by RMSA

RMSA or any of its people cannot, and will not, be held reliable for any death or injuries to any participants by them or their families partaking in the tournament

Fish Species Category

Common Carp
Buffalo carp
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Northern Pike
Tiger Musky
Channel Catfish
Flathead Catfish
Freshwater Drum
Lake Trout/Splake
Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout/Tiger Trout
Striper (Land Locked)

Prizes for the Top Dawg of each category, will be a sponsored prize and/or cash prize.
Prize for the Top Pup will be a sponsored and/or cash prize
Cash prize and special hat for “The Bully” along with massive bragging rights!!!

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