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For any questions related to spearfishing community and/or RMSA, please send us an email: Send Email

The Rocky Mountain Spearfishing Association Officers

Mike Livingston – President – Send Email
Mike Kennedy – Vice President – Send Email
Mike McGuire – Secretary – Send Email
Duke Spackman – Treasurer – Send Email
Ryan Peterson – Utah Tournament Director – Send Email
TBD – Wyoming Tournament Director – Send Email
Casey Sack – Nebraska Tournament Director – Send Email
Mike McGuire – Colorado Tournament Director – Send Email
Mike McGuire – Tournament Director, advertising – Send Email
Matthew Deichsel / Ben Brown – Webmaster – Send Email

US Freshwater National Spearfishing Championship Board

For 2021 US Freshwater Nationals Spearfishing Championship (Lake Mead, NV)
Sponsored by USOA and RMSA

Tournament Directors:
Mike McGuire – Send Email
Duty: Organizes the awards, divisions, insurance, event lay out, scheduling and rules. Works with everyone.

Weigh Master:
Mike McGuire – Send Email
Duty: In charge of wt table system/scales and scoreboard. Organizes weigh in system and crew. Works with Logistics Planner and Support Team.

Support Team:
Micheal Ferguson & Jeromy Herrick
Duty: Organizes carp removal. Provides means of disposing the carp and providing trash cans for the tournament. Helps where needed.

Logistics Planner:
Karena Ferguson & Lynette Herrick
Duty: In charge of getting permits, pavilions or sites to hold weigh ins and awards. Organizes BBQ/ banquet. Checks on info like boat rentals, hotel, nearest airport, directions. Works with Webmaster to list all information on a flyer and put info on the web site.

Mathew Deichsel – Send Email
Duty: Sets up registration online along with waivers and logics flyer. Helps keep track of teams signed up and works with Logistics Planner and Organizers.

Media and Merchandise:
Mike McGuire – Send Email
Duty: Runs advertising and social media. Helps design and order tournament shirts.

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