Walleye x6

After Starvation we cleaned a lot of walleye and some bass.
I love fish best fresh so we decided to cook it 6 fun different ways.
and a week later now we are still enjoying the last of it.
Not in any order:
1 BBQ, use nice steaks and sprinkle with Hawaiian sea salt and paprika , add olvie oil let sit for an hour in the refer and BBQ so it just flakes. Great on most fish.

2 ceviche. perfect for all those small pieces or small flits chop equal amounts of vegetables and fish. soak fish in fresh lime juice then add the vegetables equal amounts of tomato, red onion, and cucumber , mix in a jar of cocktail sauce t
3 Sushi take best top sections of larger fish with out bones, slick thin and serve with Soy and wasabi or soy with 4 drops of doterra lime juice.

4 Baked Hawaiian style, full filet with ginger and oyster fish sauce, 1 “ = 450 degrees for 10 minutes cover with cabbage leaves to keep moist.

5 Fried, to spice up your best badder add a little lemon pepper and Hawaiian sea salt. For a great easy dipping sauce they 1/2 ketchup, 1/2 organic Mayo, and add 2-5 drops of doterra Lemon oil to flavor.

6 Poached. I used all the rib cage areas with the bones in, so as not to waste any fish. Boil 1” of water in lg flat pan, stick in fish for 5-8 minutes covered, until cooked and drain off water, ad butter, lemon pepper … to taste.

We did all 6 in the week after our starvation meet and ate like kings
Eat that fish fresh, its so much better