Fish Lake Fun dive 9-12-20

Baja Boys host another great dive
9 pros and 9 new divers came to learn a new fun lake
Fish Lake Ut. up in the high mountains of Ut at 8000+’
This lake is always cool, clear, and full of fun diving.
The event focuses on cleaning out the sucker population and we occasionally get a fun game fish.
This year there were 2 nice trout taken for some great meals
and Maya Western, 19, shot an over all world record Tiger Muskie
at 36.62 lb. Biggest Muskie EVER shot in the world. Congratulations!!
We had new divers old divers, Portuguese divers… and all had a fun time
and great food thats to all that made it happen and especially to our sponsors.
Next year is Sept 4 Fish Lake for a fun dive.