Colorado Northern Pike

It was a beautiful fall day in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and I was going spearfishing! We recently moved to Western Colorado from Hawaii, were I was an avid diver, so I jumped at the opportunity to dig out my dive gear and get wet. Our group that day was made up of local kids and some awesome mainland divers. We packed up the trucks and headed up the mountain to a small lake at an elevation of 6,500 feet, where the water is a chilly 54 degrees. We were here to hunt the Northern Pike.
After the shock of frigid water turned our bodies numb, and we swam past all the old-timer fisherman on the bank laughing at us, it was time to find this fresh water barracuda. We had about a 10 to 15 foot visibility in the murky blue-green water, the bottom was silt inches deep, and there was water grass in slimy green clumps. There in between the grass sat a big Northern Pike. Taking a solid breath I drifted down, lined up a shot, and pulled the trigger. There was a cloud of silt and a strong pull at the end of the line. The short swim to the surface included me squealing, “I got one! I got one!” This was my first fresh water fish, and now I was the first female to have speared a Northern Pike. After my first fish the killing was on! It was not long until my friend Shantel shot another Pike and had bested my record with an 11 pound fish. We were on a roll!
A few hours later our group met back up to share our huge catches. The old-timer fishermen who where once mocking us from shore were now standing around us mouths agape, asking us to take pictures with the biggest fish they had ever seen. We went home that night with 10 monstrous Northern Pikes, 3 three new Pike records, and new stories to share. A huge thanks to Mike, Jacob, and Kelston for taking Shantel, Ryan, and I on a new Rocky Mountain Adventure!

Aloha From the Rocky Mountains! Jessica Evans