Cold Colorado Pike Hunting

There are a bunch of small lakes here in Colorado. On this day we went up to a small town with an even smaller lake with a freezing temperature. There were four of us in our car, my dad, my brother and our good friend Danny. Once getting to the lake we unpacked, my brother realized he left all his gear at home (a 45 minute drive) so he had to go back. I didn’t want to go in because i knew the water would be cold, but seeing that the car was gone and i had no where to sit I decided to get in. Thank goodness for WETTIES 5mil wetsuits, that water was cold! The lake was pretty small so I followed my Dad around. The viability was about 6’ and not a single fish. After 45mins i was ready to get out, but my brother was still not back and my towel was in the car. So my dad and I found some cups and did some practice shots, finally we decided to swim in. In about 6’ of water pretty bored, i was messing with the moss. I looked down and saw some pretty colors, my first thought was “those are cool rocks” so I started poking “them” with my gun. To my surprise those “rocks” started moving and out came my pike! At first i was so surprised that I didn’t think to shoot till i saw it slowly moving away. I reached my Rob Allen 80cm snapper and shot it near the belly as it swam away. At first I thought I had missed it, so I pulled in my shaft and saw the this monster on the end! I pulled and grabbed the fish tight afraid at any moment he would wiggly free, I came to the surface and showed off my prize, screaming for joy and help 🙂
Savanah Mc Guire
16.66 pounds Northern Pike pending world record.