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The US Freshwater Nationals have grown over the last 17 years to now include international teams, and helps host the WFSC, World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship May of 2017. Aug 26th saw the Freshwater Nationals in one of our Nations most beautiful lakes, Lake McConaughy. Big Mac as the locals call it, is the largest Reservoir in a 3 state region and when full is 20 mile long by 4 miles wide. Its well know for its record walleye and wipers. Over half of its north shore is covered by beautiful blazing white sand dunes that drop into the water and makes for some excellent camping right along the water. The sand reminds me of being on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, but only during the summer months.

This years Spearfishing Nationals saw 50 top divers from around the nation and a few from different nations. It also allowed scuba divers to compete, and is one of the few areas in the Nation that super strong scuba divers have figured out a way to beat freedivers. Most of the diving was in the top 40’ of water with many fish taken right on the surface in the early morning hours. We were allowed to dive the dam for some very beautiful clear water, but for the most part divers stuck to the sand looking for small drop offs or thermoclines that might hold more fish. The competition was very intense right down to the last hour, as divers scraped for those final fish.

Carp were the main go to species, however wipers, and walleye were legal as well. In that last hour, 2 individuals figured out that the carp had come up to the surface and mid water to feed, and they got into 30-40 extra fish. At the weigh in, it looked clear the Scuba Boys were in full control of the meet again, as one after another huge collection of carp would roll in. But…. at the very end, Super Man, Mike Ban of the RMSA pulled out the single best catch ever seen on the lake, moving him to an easy first place individual. 2nd place
went to a long time champ of this lake, Mark Wiezorek Scuba Boy supreme.

Top 3 women’s divers were Shelby Peterson #1 from Ut, she also beat her husband. #2 the “ROCKSTAR”, Texi Herrick from Wy. and #3 in her first freshwater event from Hawaii…..Donell Palmer.
Top teams went to:
Mens: #1Mark Wiezorek and T. Kelly.
2nd Mike Ban, and Duke Spackman.
3rd Casey Sack and KC Merrihew.

#1 Calvin Lai and Donell Palmer,
2nd Shelby and Ryan Peterson, 3rd to Savanah and Kelston McGuire

2018 Freshwater Nationals is planned for Wahweap, Lake Powell, Ut. June 8-9
This will be a great diving location for 2 days of beautiful water and red rock scenery, a huge change from Lake McConaughey. Day one will include 5 species of game fish and day 2 will be carp and shad. Watch the RMSA web site for details:

The 2017 and 2018 Freshwater Nationals will pick our best teams for Mens, Womens, Masters, and Mixed to go to the WFSC in New Zealand March of 2019.

A huge Mahalo to all our Sponsors and HSD for promoting the fast growing events in the nation.
Get involved, DIVE FRESH

World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship 2019 – New Zealand

The World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship happens every 2 years on the even year. In March of 2019 the WFSC will be hosted in New Zealand. The USA Picks there our teams in the same manor as the USOA picks its top athletes, the combination of the % points from the past 2 Freshwater National events. With some minor modifications to account for picking 2 person teams and picking teams in 4 divisions.

Attached are the scores and the %s of the top divers from US Freshwater Nationals 2017 in Lake Maccounaghy. 2018 US Nationals is planned for Southern Lake Powell June 8-9.


Combined % scores from the past 2 US Freshwater Nationals will pick our #1 mens and women’s divers.

He/she will then be allowed to pick his/her partner and division for the next world event.

Highest man or Woman’s score will get to pick first, then it will alternate from mens to women’s division until we have filled all the teams needed to represent the USA.

We are allowed to send 2 teams per division, and the divisions consist of Mens, Women’s, Masters 60+ and Mixed. 2 person teams.

If there are not enough dives to fill all divisions then the RMSA Board will find divers and fill the spots. The RMSA Board has the final say on all teams going and will support the teams, as much as possible.

Cold Colorado Pike Hunting

There are a bunch of small lakes here in Colorado. On this day we went up to a small town with an even smaller lake with a freezing temperature. There were four of us in our car, my dad, my brother and our good friend Danny. Once getting to the lake we unpacked, my brother realized he left all his gear at home (a 45 minute drive) so he had to go back. I didn’t want to go in because i knew the water would be cold, but seeing that the car was gone and i had no where to sit I decided to get in. Thank goodness for WETTIES 5mil wetsuits, that water was cold! The lake was pretty small so I followed my Dad around. The viability was about 6’ and not a single fish. After 45mins i was ready to get out, but my brother was still not back and my towel was in the car. So my dad and I found some cups and did some practice shots, finally we decided to swim in. In about 6’ of water pretty bored, i was messing with the moss. I looked down and saw some pretty colors, my first thought was “those are cool rocks” so I started poking “them” with my gun. To my surprise those “rocks” started moving and out came my pike! At first i was so surprised that I didn’t think to shoot till i saw it slowly moving away. I reached my Rob Allen 80cm snapper and shot it near the belly as it swam away. At first I thought I had missed it, so I pulled in my shaft and saw the this monster on the end! I pulled and grabbed the fish tight afraid at any moment he would wiggly free, I came to the surface and showed off my prize, screaming for joy and help 🙂
Savanah Mc Guire
16.66 pounds Northern Pike pending world record.

















10th Annual Mexican Shootout – Palapas Ventana

10TH ANNIVERSARY of a one-of-a-kind spearfishing experience at resort in La Ventana, Baja California Sur

JOIN the Palapas Ventana family and spearos from around the world for four days of friendly competition and fun

SPEARFISH the world-class waters of the Sea of Cortez with wahoo, marlin, pargo, grouper, roosterfish and MORE

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Marlin Story

Darren Shields shared this with us:
After several days trying for a marlin by towing teasers, I changed techniques to live baiting. This method worked by catching a skip jack tuna and tethering it to the boat on a 10mt line then drifting and waiting. I shot and lost one over 300lbs then half an hour later shot this fish which was 298lbs. Unfortunately the breakaway on my gun failed and I lost the gun and two Go Pro cameras attached because the gun broke away down deep. I managed after a battle to land the marlin. It towed me for 1.6 nautical miles.


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