2001 – Andrew Geist (Massachusetts)

I got hooked on freediving the first time I saw sergeant majors swimming around a piling at Key West when I was six years old. By twelve I was spearfishing the shallow coral reefs of the Florida Keyes, Miami Beach jetties, and the Key Biscayne bridges. When I was in my twenties I was inspired by the Carlos Eyles classic, The Last of the Blue Water Hunters. Shortly after reading this book I had the good fortune of being invited to dive with Angel Vasquez, who was one of the top South Florida competitive spear fisherman at the time. While diving with Angel my technique improved rapidly, along with improvements to my equipment. Before long I joined the Southeast Florida Dive Council (called Miami Free divers today) and was entering every tournament in South Florida. In 1993 I was third place individual in Florida and broke the U.S.O.A. Atlantic Sailfish record the following year weighing in at 60 pounds. I also dove my first U.S. National Championship in Rhode Island in 1993. What an experience! I have been obsessed with competing in Nationals in all the different regions of the U.S. ever since. In 1997 I was on the Florida State Championship team with teammates Jose Santeiro and Ciro Leonard. In 1999 I was U.S National individual Vice Champion, which helped me secure my spot on the 2000 World Team in Tahiti. This was to be my first of three world teams I have had the honor of being a member of (2000 Tahiti, 2002 Brazil, 2016 Greece). In 2001 I won the U.S. National Spearfishing Championships with teammates Scott Turgeon and Sean Latterner, and I was Individual vice Champion for the second time. In 2001 I also won the I.U.S.A. Athlete of the Year Award. I also have been on the U.S.O.A. All American Freediving team 3 times (1999, 2001, and 2015). I feel so lucky to have grown up spearfishing and competing all over the U.S. and around the world representing my country. I have made some of the best friends of my life in the process. Over the last few years I spend more time on the soccer field with my two sons, Nicholas and Benjamin, or at their games on the sidelines with my wife Maru than in the water. However I still put in the time and effort needed to compete at the Florida State Championships, U.S. Nationals and the World Championships when I qualify.

1991 President Southeast Florida Dive Council
1993 Florida State championships, 3rd place individual
1994 U.S.O.A. Atlantic Sailfish Record (60 lbs)
1996 U.S. Nationals 8th place individual- Hawaii
1997 Florida State Championships 1st place team
1997 Florida State Championships 4th place individual
1997 U.S.O.A. Cero Mackerel record (14.5 lbs.)
1998 Florida State Championships, Individual vice Champion
1998 Florida State Championships, 2nd place team
1999 U.S. National individual Vice Champion-Islamorada, FL
1999 U.S. National 2nd place team, Islamorada FL
1999 USOA All American Freediving Team
2000 USA World Team Member Tahiti, French Polynesia
2000 Florida State Championships, Individual vice Champion
2001 U.S. National Team Champions Tarpon Springs, FL
2001 U.S. National Individual vice Champion, Tarpon Springs FL
2001 USOA All American Freediving Team
2001 I.US.A. Athlete of the Year Award
2002 USA World Team Member, Cabo Frio, Brazil
2002 Pan American Spearfishing Championships, 3rd place team
2004 U.S. Nationals 5th place individual – Hawaii
2006 U.S. Nationals 3rd place team Pompano Beach, FL
2006 U.S. Nationals 7th place individual, Pompano Beach FL
2015 U.S. Nationals 3rd place team Tarpon Springs, FL
2015 U.S. Nationals 4th place individual, Tarpon Springs FL
2015 USOA All American Freediving Team
2016 World Team Member, Syros Island, Greece
2019 Florida State Championships, Individual vice Champion
2019 Florida State Championships, 3rd place team

Representing the spearfishing community in the Rocky Mountain Region since 2008